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Solar Panel Cleaning Seattle, Washington

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With Clearly Amazing, you get more from your solar panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning Seattle, Washington

You’ve invested a good deal in a solar panel system as a source of clean, renewable energy for your home and family and want to get the most out of that investment – both in cost savings and performance. One way to help ensure optimal efficiency is through regular cleaning.

Just like any exterior surface, solar panels are exposed to dirt, sand, pollen and other environmental factors – and, therefore, are vulnerable to damage, deterioration and energy loss. These airborne pollutants accumulate and cause “soiling,” which prevents solar radiation from reaching the cells and results in …

  • Reduced energy production
  • A lower return on investment
  • Scratches or damage to the panel’s surface
  • Shortened lifespan

Let the fully insured, highly skilled professionals at Clearly Amazing in Seattle, Washington safely and effectively clean your solar panels for maximum effectiveness and return on investment and longer life. Our expert crew will …



Solar panels are inspected for any damage or visible issues, and you are alerted.



Panels are thoroughly cleaned using a non-abrasive method and eco-friendly products.



Edges and frame are detailed to preserve the condition and performance.

Contact us to schedule your solar panel cleaning or to request a free estimate.

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