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Roof Cleaning

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At Clearly Amazing, we help preserve and extend the life of your roof.


roof cleaning

As a building owner or manager, you’re tasked with ensuring that the property under your care is properly maintained. You want the property to always present in its best light, make a positive first impression, and, most importantly, retain its value, condition and useful life for as long as possible.

The building’s roof is an essential part of this maintenance. It needs to serve the critical function of protecting the interior from the harsh elements, but this continual exposure takes its toll over time. Toxic environmental substances such as mold, algae, moss and lichen can grow on the roof’s surface, leaving staining and an unsightly appearance. More importantly, if left unaddressed, these substances can cause deterioration, damage to underlying materials, and the need for costly remediation and repair.

To help preserve your investment or that of your employer or client and get more life out of your roof, regular cleaning is required. While you may be tempted with DIY pressure washing, it can actually harm the roof – breaking down roofing materials, pushing water behind the siding or under the roof … and even voiding the roof’s warranty.

At Clearly Amazing, we employ our special soft wash process, which is uniquely designed for those applications where a more gentle approach is required to safely and effectively clean and sanitize surfaces. This process uses low pressure and eco-friendly products to …

  • Remove and kill harmful growth: Without compromising the integrity of the roofing materials
  • Create a healthy environment: By destroying allergens and contaminants
  • Deliver a longer-lasting clean: By killing the actual plant spores for a clean that lasts 2-3 times longer than other methods
  • Preserve the roof’s condition: Extending its useful life
  • Improve the roof’s appearance: With brilliantly clean results

You can trust the fully insured, intensively trained cleaning specialists at Clearly Amazing to tackle all of your exterior cleaning needs to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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More and more insurance companies are requiring roof cleaning as a condition of continuing coverage.

Clearly Amazing is an approved vendor with these leading vendor credentialing, compliance monitoring, and insurance tracking services providers.


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