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Roof Cleaning

Our process follows the guidelines as established by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and the Roof Cleaning Institute of America. Our professional service crews utilize environmentally friendly products that safely and effectively clean and sanitize without causing damage.  

Saving a few dollars is certainly not worth risking your safety or your life. Scaling a ladder several stories high and navigating on a roof is quite dangerous and requires an experienced and trained professional. The algae, moss and lichen buildup on the roof’s surface make it slippery, not to mention the slant of the roof. Our fully insured technicians follow all OSHA safety guidelines and utilize proper safety gear.

Over time, mold, algae, moss and lichen can grow on your roof’s surface, causing staining and, ultimately, deterioration and damage. When left unaddressed, this shortens your roof’s lifespan, requires premature repair or replacement, and increases energy costs. Also, more and more insurance companies are requiring roof cleaning as a condition of continuing coverage.

The force of pressure washing is too much for roof surfaces and can cause damage to shingles and underlying materials, strip paint, blast window seals, or push water behind siding or into an attic. Soft washing is the safe, gentle, yet very effective alternative for cleaning roofs. It utilizes garden hose pressure and biodegradable soaps to clean and sanitize and help extend the life of your roof.

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