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Soft Washing

It is best to clean the entire roof so that …

  • All mold spores are killed to prevent them from continuing to grow and spread across your roof surface.
  • There is a uniform look and coloration throughout the roof.
  • You can benefit from our roof cleaning warranty.

Clearly Amazing utilizes a soft wash process for roofs, which safely and gently cleans without the use of high pressure or wire brushes. Therefore, all visible moss may not be completely removed at the time of service. The percentage of soft brooming estimated is the amount of moss that will be removed prior to applying our cleaning solution, which will then kill 100% of the remaining moss and its root system. Any dead moss will take three to six months to shrink away from the shingles and weather off naturally with the wind, rain and other elements. This deliberate process ensures a thorough cleaning without damaging your shingles.

We will use a detergent on all surfaces (even brick and stone) to gently scrub away caked-on dirt and contaminants. Due to the amount of dirt being washed away, we highly recommend that you schedule window cleaning either the same day or shortly thereafter. Please note: The black/gray oxidation marks on gutters and soffits that have not been maintained typically do not come out from a soft washing as the deterioration is already embedded in the surface.

Soft washing utilizes low pressure and eco-friendly solutions to not only clean but also sanitize. Our process kills mold and algae spores, thereby preventing the existing organisms from reproducing or spreading over your home’s surface. Effectively destroying the actual spores results in a longer-lasting clean since it will take some time for any new growth to appear.

Pressure washing is actually one of the worst things you can do to a roof. The high pressure can …

  • Compromise shingle integrity
  • Remove the granules
  • Force water under the shingles, causing damage to the underlying material
  • Void your roof’s warranty

Soft washing uses gentle pressure to distribute a cleaning solution over the entire roof surface that kills moss down to the roots. The moss is then dead and left in place to weather off with wind and rain. Soft washing is the safe and effective method for effectively cleaning and extending the life of your roof.

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