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As a homeowner, you try to cut corners where you can, doing odd and end jobs around the house yourself instead of paying somebody. That’s all finding and good until something comes up that you can’t do the same level of good, not even close! 

We aren’t talking about repainting the den or laying new tile in the kitchen or even replacing a light fixture. There are some projects that are best when done by an experienced, professional, qualified expert like a power washing service. One phone call to a reputable local pressure wash company can get the cleaning done around your home that can make the curb appeal pop. There are times, you think you can do something yourself, and you’re successful at it. Then there are other times that you’d be better off hiring the task out.

Next time your driveway or walkways are looking dingy, or your home’s exterior siding and roofing are looking old and worn with algae and black streaks, calling a professional to pressure wash it all could be the best decision you’ll ever make! Here, we offer 5 reasons to back up our recommendation:


Using a power washer isn’t as easy as it seems. What is easy to do is damage your house or hurt yourself. A pressure wash machine is intense and powerful, even the smallest unit. If you’re not a big person or a strong person, it can overtake you quickly, almost like a jackhammer.

Why can a professional power washing service technician do it so easily? They work with pressure washing machines all day, every day, they are accustomed to how these machines work; it is their livelihood. When you hire a professional power washing service, you’ll turn over what may seem like a small easy job to somebody that has done this for a while. They are insured and licensed, so if something were to happen, your property would be protected.

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With doing a pressure wash on different surfaces, a professional power washing service will know this, but you may not: Everything doesn’t take the same amount of pressure wash at the same time. The pressure, the temperature, nor the cleaning products for every surface that you want to be cleaned will take different levels.

For example, a brick exterior takes a strong pressure wash than a home with vinyl siding. A concrete driveway needs stronger power washing than your wood deck are things that a professional power washing service technician knows. They learn the different specifications to pressure wash a rooftop or a patio because no two surfaces are the same.


You can purchase cleaning products to pressure wash your roof, siding, driveway, or patio, or you can surf the internet and find several homemade recipes for cleaning solutions. What you can’t do is know that the mixture you make up is strong enough but not too strong and it is easy to do that either way.

A professional power washing service will know exactly what kind of cleaner in what strength to use on which surface.  An asphalt roof with algae and mold will need a different strength of cleaner than a concrete driveway, and they are trained and experienced to know this.

Conservation and Eco-Friendly

A pressure wash unit can use as much as four gallons of water a minute. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can waste a lot of that water. A professional power washing service is trained in being conservative with the water and use only eco-friendly cleaning products, keeping your home and the area around it safe. These may not seem like important aspects of a pressure wash job, but in the long run, it will reduce the footprint that cleaning the exterior of your home leaves.

  1. Money and Time Saved

Believe it or not, the amount of money you save buying a pressure wash machine versus hiring the job out to a professional power washing service is not saving you money. First, it is taking your time to do the washing, and this means you’re letting something else slide while you fight with a pressure wash unit.

Now that you own a pressure wash machine, and you’re successful with cleaning your house, deck, patio, driveway, and other exterior areas, when do you think you’ll do this again? Good chance that your new pressure wash unit will be in the next garage sale next to the treadmill. 

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