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What about interior decorations? Is this something I can also outsource to a holiday lighting installation service?

It may be common practice for outdoor lights and decorations to be installed by a service provider, but a lot of you may have asked, “Are the installation of my interior lights and decorations something that I can outsource to a professional?” The answer to that is, absolutely!  Here are steps to ensure your indoor Christmas light installation can be successfully outsourced to professionals, too.

If a service provider is able to do the exterior lights of your home, more than likely, they’re going to have the knowledge, experience, and the equipment to hang lights and decorations on the interior. When you’re considering any service provider or contracting company to come to your home, you want to ensure that they are a true, professional company. Go online and check all their reviews, get recommendations from neighbors and friends, and confirm with them and have them send you, in writing, that they are a fully-insured company and that they have Liability and Workers’ Compensation before they provide any work for you in your home or outside of your home.

Make sure that you meet a representative from that company, that they are coming to your home to meet with you, go over your plans, and give you a firm price quote in writing. These are people that are going to be working in your home. Make sure that you trust them and that you ask all the important questions. Never think that you’re asking too much. This is your home, and you deserve to have all of the answers to all of your questions.

Ask them if they provide the decorations and lights or if they’re willing to use your existing decorations and lights, or do a mixture of both. Either way, make sure that you and the installer have met in person, go over a plan and you have that firm plan in place for an outline of the project that you’re looking to have completed. Ensure that you and the service provider are on the same page to make sure that your vision for your light decorations is executed and that it is executed at an agreed-upon price.

The norm for Christmas lights installers is going to be for them to do the exterior. You may have a little trouble finding somebody that also does the interior, but that doesn’t mean that you just need to settle for anyone. If you’ve called five companies and only one of them will do the interior, that doesn’t mean that that needs to be the only person that you can go with. Call another five companies, get your top two or three, and go through everything that you’ve read here.

Make sure you’re getting that insurance, that they’re giving you a firm price, and that they have a plan in place that you agree with; that it’s your vision, not theirs that is being executed. Check their online reviews, ask friends, family, and neighbors if they’ve ever used their services before, and make sure that you are absolutely comfortable from the beginning to the end of the process.

Do your research. Ask all the right questions. That’s how you are going to make sure that you’re happy in the end. You’re paying top dollar for a professional service, and you deserve top dollar results.

You deserve to have your home beautiful for the holidays, inside and out, show it off to all your friends and family while they’re visiting, and so you need to find a company to do it for you.

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