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For any size business, outer appearance is everything, as in, first impressions are lasting impressions. This includes the windows of your structure too. A small business may have an employee clean their windows with a bucket, handheld squeegee, and a sponge, but is that the best way to get your money’s worth from that salary? And if you have a multi-story building, is your insurance is going to pay for any possible accidents, especially one that leads to injury (or worse) with an employee climbing a ladder – toting equipment and supplies with them?

If this has been your method so far, or you haven’t even bothered having the windows of your business cleaned, it may be time to consider the value of a professional window cleaning service. Once you have windows that are clear and sparkling, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner. But if you still aren’t convinced, let us review five of the main reasons that hiring a professional window cleaning service is a must for any size business.

1. Business Appearance Improves

As we said above, outer appearance is everything when it comes to business. You don’t want to eat in a restaurant where the door is filthy, would you? Windows will get a buildup of dirt, dust, grime, and don’t forget fingerprints and smudges! Or the streaks and water deposits.

All of this can obscure the lighting coming in and is a distraction to customers and employees alike. By scheduling a professional window cleaning service once a quarter, you can keep your windows clean and sparkling, making your business have an appealing and clean walk-up for customers, creating a better first impression that lets them know your company is conscientious with even the smallest of details. With clean windows, the mood of your employees will improve as well, creating a cleaner, happier environment that is more productive.

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     2. Window Life Extended

Letting the dirt, dust, debris, fingerprints, grime, smudges, and water deposits sit on your windows will cause damage over time. As those materials sit on the windows, they become etched into the glass, creating pits and scratches, which will begin to distort the view looking in and looking out. A professional window cleaning service will remove those corrosive and damaging contaminants, giving you a clear view.

    3. Window Efficiency Enhanced

When you have a professional window cleaning service wash your windows, they will inspect the windows as they clean. If they discover any damages or other potential problems, they will advise you so that you can get repairs or replacements done. Damaged windows can be more than just cracks or holes. The seals get old and will begin to leak, causing condensation and fogging. All of this means your energy bills are increased, not to mention the beginning of mildew and mold.

A professional window cleaning service will advise you if they notice sashed painted closed or window channels clogged too. Both can hamper opening windows in an emergency.

    4. Effective and Safer Windows

A professional window cleaning service will have the proper equipment and products needed to clean your business’ windows thoroughly. They will have safety equipment for climbing the ladders and most service companies today will offer environmentally safe products. The bonus to hiring a professional window cleaning service is the safety aspect of not having yourself or your employees climbing ladders or slipping off rooftops.

    5. Saves Time

Washing windows is energy-consuming and time-consuming. As a business owner or business manager, you have more important things to do. Hiring a professional window cleaning service will free up that time so that you can handle the business-related duties and tasks.

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