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Hanging your own Christmas Lights

Should you install your own lights?

Even if you are a thrill-seeker and you want to climb a 40-foot ladder in all types of weather or you’d like to be the next Clark Grisworld of Christmas Vacation and be swinging from gutters with lights and crashing into windows, hanging your own lights is really not recommended. Basically, what’s involved with installing your own lights is being up on a ladder and putting yourself into some dangerous situations.

Another thing to think about is your neighbors criticizing the hard work that you do on every light you put up. Why not hire a professional holiday lighting installation team who can dazzle your neighbors!

Also, there is always that risk of being electrocuted. There is a lot of wirings in dealing with lights, and a lot of cutting and splicing and putting together.

In addition to that, with electricity, you’re always at risk of house fires. So if you don’t really know what you are doing and you are not trained to deal with electrical work, you can also end up with getting a very Unmerry Christmas with a house fire.

We highly recommend using a professional for your Christmas lights installation. You do not have to climb ladders. A professional company has insurance to cover their people if they happen to make a mistake and fall. Get a professional to take care of your lights and dazzle your neighbors!

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