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Window Cleaning on a Budget

You’re on a tight budget but need to have your windows cleaned.  Can you? Here are several ways you can work within your budget when getting your windows cleaned:

  1. Bundle services. Gutter cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning, or soft-washing of your home are services that many window companies offer as well. Get several of those services taken care of in one visit by the same company, and they’ll often offer a bundle discount. You can save a certain percentage off of your window cleaning and any other services by combining them on the same day. It’s also a great way to knock several items off of your to-do list with one company.
  2. Amend your scope of work. Sometimes, there are areas of your home that just don’t get used the way they used to, because you don’t spend any time in them. Common areas of the home to remove from your window cleaning scope of work are the lower levels: the garage or skylights. These areas, if not often used and you’re not really concerned about the way the windows look there, can be removed while still getting the full benefit of having a company clean the windows in the areas that you’re most concerned with.
    When picking and choosing areas of the home, be straightforward for the company you’re dealing with. Pick to do one floor, or only have the windows on the first floor done. Remove a designated area such as a garage, a basement or a lower level. Those areas are easy for the window cleaning company to direct to their cleaners, and you’ll find if your selected areas are clear, you’ll get a bigger break on the cost of the job.
  1. Get your neighbors involved. Often, your window cleaning companies will give a discount if they’re doing 2 or 3 homes in the same neighborhood. It reduces travel time and thus, the costs for the window cleaning company. You can often get a discount with that. It should be very easy to do, especially if you can offer neighbors their own savings.
  2. Exterior-only. You can save a good chunk of money by telling the window cleaning company that you only want to do the outside windows. If they’re not storm windows, this is almost always possible. One thing to remember, though, is don’t expect the job to be half-priced. Often, the time and cost involved with doing the exterior windows, especially if it involves ladder work, will make the job slightly higher than 50% off. If you plan on cleaning the interior windows yourself, they will not have the same level of clean as professional window cleaning companies. That’s not saying your window cleaning is not up to snuff, but it’s just not the same level as professional.

If you’d like to save some money or work within a budget and still have your windows cleaned, some of the best ways to do that is to bundle services, select certain areas of your home to be cleaned and skip others, have your neighbors have their windows cleaned on the same day by the same crew, and clean only the exterior windows.   

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