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When it comes to cleaning windows, an important question is, “What are the biggest pitfalls to avoid when hiring a window cleaning contractor?”

Whenever you’re hiring a new service provider that will come to your home, you want to ensure that you have fully vetted them. You want to keep these important concerns at the top of your mind: accidents, injuries, unlicensed work and possible damage to your home. The only people that should ever be working on the inside or outside of your home is a true professional.  You don’t want to hire some friend who has their friend who’s the cousin down the street. Hiring just anyone is going to just put yourself and your home at risk for an array of reasons.

You want to make sure that you’re getting a professional contracting company.

  1. Ensure that the company you are going to hire is fully insured for liability and workers’ compensation. Have the policy emailed to you so that you have it in writing, with their active insurance coverage dates, that they have that full insurance for liability and workers’ compensation. If you have this, you know that if an accident did happen on your property with one of their crew members, the company will cover the expenses. If the contractor was not fully insured, you will very well be liable for the medical expenses, the damages, and whatever happens to these people that are on your property. If the company isn’t fully insured then it becomes your problem. You want to avoid that by making sure that the company is fully insured.
  2. You want to also make sure that the contractor is licensed to do the work that you’re hiring them for. Ask for proof. For example, with the window cleaning, this may not seem like it’s that important but it is just one more step in proving that the company is a company that you can trust. With other services in your home like home addition, a new HVAC system, electrical work, these are all things that are going to need permits. If you don’t have a contractor in your home that has the license to do that work, then he is not going to get the proper permits, which then means when you get the inspections, they are not going to pass and you have now spent all of this money for work that is going to have to be redone or torn down.  A lot of time and money is going to go into getting it properly permitted. So just make sure that the contractor has a license and just ask him for proof.
  3. You want to also ask, does this contractor have the experience and knowledge to do the job that you are hiring for. How many years have they been in business? Check their online reviews and ratings. Ask for customer testimonials. Do not hire just somebody because a neighbor recommended them. Word of mouth for referrals is a great way to get some companies that you can vet and be interested in but you don’t just take a recommendation from a neighbor. Chances are, they could have just been using a friend who they are trying to get some business for. You are setting yourself up for the possibility of being taken advantage of or have subpar work completed or even such a low level of service that could cause damage to your home. When you hire a non-professional service provider or somebody that is not licensed or insured, when you have damage to your home, possibly an irreparable damage, you will now be on the hook because you did not make sure that the company that you hired could do the work that you needed them to do. Make sure that you get yourself covered in that regard.
  4. One of the things that you could also do is ask who the company’s best crew is. Once you have already vetted this far and you know that they are a legitimate company and that they are going to be a great service provider for you, ask them who their best crew is and have that crew be the one that does your window cleaning for you. You may have to wait an extra week or so but this way, at least, you know that you are getting the best of the best from that company and that you are going to have beautiful windows after they are all finished.

Keep yourself and your home safe and secure. Ask every question that you can think of. Check reviews from many different sources and online. Ask for that written proof of insurance and their business license and just never let somebody in your home that you are not 100% confident and comfortable with.

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