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Window Clean | All-Clean!

If window cleaning is a breeze for you, then you can skip this article right away. However, if you’re like most people and find this chore too much for you or are worried that you won’t be doing a good enough job, ask yourself, “How much do I expect to spend on having my windows cleaned?”

  1. How many windows do you have? That’s obviously very important, as it’s going to impact the total cost. Most companies will make that determination based on one of two things: How many panes you have, or how many total windows you have.
  2. What types of windows do you have? If you have storm windows, those need to be taken apart, and it’s more time-consuming. Do you have French panes? Are your dividers inside of the window? If you do have true French panes, it takes a little bit longer to get the squeegee in those small panes, and that can add to the total cost. Sliding glass doors. Do you have big ones? Of course, window size matters. Large bay windows are going to be a bit more expensive than your regular bedroom or bathroom windows.
  3. The condition of your windows would be the third thing that you want to look at. How long has it been since you’ve had your windows done? Do you have any kind of post-construction issues? Is there a lot of dust running around from a remodel? Those are the things to take into consideration.
  4. The type of windows that you have or the type of cleaning that you want to get done. Do you want just clean the exterior of the windows? Or do you want the interior AND exterior done? That’s going to factor into your cost.

But perhaps the most important question would be, “What is your time worth?” You need to compare what you’re going to spend on this window cleaning to what your time is worth. We trust the answer to that will help you arrive at the best decision on the matter.  


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