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Cleaning Tinted Windows

Many people opt to tint their windows to help protect it from sun-related fading.  Once the period of the curing process of the film has been completed in about a month’s time, you can then clean the tinted windows with household window cleaning solutions without ammonia.  If you’re uncertain if the cleaning materials have ammonia, Google the product and see if it lists that.

You want to avoid any abrasive products. You don’t want to clean with anything that has grit that will scratch the film while you’re cleaning.  The timeless option of simple soap and water will get the job done just fine.

The film is rather durable and once it has reached the curing stage, it would adhere to the window which will prevent shifting while cleaning the window. If you want to take an extra precautionary step,  the technique that will be helpful on this is work towards the corners. It is highly unlikely but it will prevent any possible pulling out of the film from the corners.

Some options you can use:

  1. Microfiber – microfiber window cleaning towel and good old paper towels when you’re cleaning the windows inside with soap and water and apply to the window generously.
  2. Squeegee  – with the squeegee, you hopefully will never pull that film when you’re working with it, it’s really going to make that water go down fast.

With microfiber and the cleaning towel, as you’re working up, the technique is going towards the window edge.  You don’t want to catch an edge. It’s highly unlikely, but if you were to catch an edge and the fabric kind of pieced and pulled on it, you might damage the tint and pull it away and ruin that adhesive connection it has to the window.

You will see, the windows will turn out great. This window film will remain for a couple of years in good shape and cleaned regularly.

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