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Types of Windows

What are the most common types of windows you are bound to encounter?  

While there are very many types of windows, we find we come across these types more frequently than others and these are the double-hung window, casement, picture, sliding glass windows and doors, awning windows, and skylights.

  • Double-hung windows are what a lot of people think of as the standard window. Sash above a sash and both are operable.
  • Casement windows have a crank. They crank outward on a hinge. They are often found where maximum ventilation is desired like the kitchen or the bathroom.
  • A picture window is just a fixed pane of glass. Inoperable. Often found where you have a great view.
  • Sliding windows and doors are found in many places where the opening is wider than its height. Sliding doors stepping out onto a deck is found throughout New England.
  • Awning windows are very similar to casement windows and they crank upward and out rather than a hinge on the side.
  • Skylights are found on your roof and they could add a tremendous amount of natural light to the home. They can be susceptible to adding unwanted heat gained in the summer and they can tend to leak. Although you’ll find that the more modern versions of skylights leak a lot less than their historical counterparts.

So, to review, the most common types of windows you are apt to find are double-hung, casement, picture, sliding, awning and skylights.  And make sure to enlist window cleaning experts to keep your exterior look like new and shiny.

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