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Roof Cleaning Safety

Your roof needs to be cleaned but it is quite steep. Understandably enough, you are going to be concerned about someone falling when cleaning. What questions should you ask to ensure that the contractor takes safety seriously?

First, ask the roof cleaning company, “Are you fully licensed and insured?”

Great news! Clearly Amazing is! Something unique about Clearly Amazing is they are fully insured as well as fully trained to walk on roofs properly.

Another question is, “How are you trained on your safety or what do you use?” This is what usually takes place:

  1. The cleaner gets up on the roof and makes sure to take a look and inspect it to make sure everything’s good to go.
  2. If they have any concerns, they immediately let the homeowner know whether they can proceed with the cleaning based on their professional experiences, or if they gauge that repairs should be done first, or if anything is wrong before proceeding.
  3. Whether we come to your house and we do the quote in person, or we do it online, we do check out the steepness prior to doing anything. The concern about steepness is usually discussed before your job gets booked.
  4. Although most of our cleaners are comfortable with some steepness to the roof to be cleaned, sometimes, additional concerns like the weather in the area will have to be considered to determine if they would need special equipment or not. If the roof is really, really steep, we will then advise that we will need some sort of lift or some people say like a cherry picker or a bucket truck.  If that’s the case, that’s something to discuss prior to and it will all be taken care of for the actual roof cleaning to happen.
  5. From there, the tech will get on the roof and secure an anchor which is placed on the roof pipe. We secure the anchor with a rope and a harness. The tech on the roof wears the harness. They are fully trained to do this and where everything should go. They inspect the ropes and harnesses daily to ensure there are no issues. Our company is all about safety.
  6. Everybody in and around your home should be about safety first. If we feel that there are any concerns, we will immediately let you know and we will proceed from there whether we need to reschedule because we need special equipment or we will advise if we feel we can’t do it, or may recommend somebody else that can.

We are all about safety. We want to protect you, your investments, as well as we want to protect our guys. We don’t want anybody getting hurt. It wouldn’t do anybody good if we were hurt, how would we clean the rest of your house and your neighbor’s houses?

If you have any questions give us a call. We’re here for you, for all your cleaning needs to exterior as well as windows inside and outside. Give us a call and we look forward to working with you!

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