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When you own a house, it always seems to be something to do, inside or outside. On the inside, there is dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and general housework duties. On the outside, there is lawn mowing, shrub trimming, and roof cleaning to do. Whoa, wait a minute, what was that about clean your roof? Yes, for every home, roof clean duties should be on the to-do list at least once a year.    

If you haven’t been doing that, call around and see what roof cleaning service your neighbors are using. A dirty roof makes your house look dirty, old, then what it’s doing to the shingles is not good! Hiring a professional roof cleaning service will get the algae, dirt, lichen, and moss off that is making it look dirty, old, and save your roof too. If you haven’t priced a new roof recently, you should. That will help you appreciate a professional roof cleaning service. 

It isn’t the most exciting task but taking the time to clean your roof or have a professional roof cleaning service do it at least once a year will give your roof a longer life expectancy. A professionally cleaned roof will improve your home’s curb appeal, which if you’re thinking about placing your home on the market will bring you bigger offers. 

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Why Your Home Need The Roof Cleaned 

Every roof is exposed to the elements all day, every day. All the algae, dirt, lichen, and moss build up and begins eating away at the shingles. Over time, a new roof is needed, or replacement shingles at least. A professional roof cleaning service will remove that grime, not only clean that gunk off, but apply protection that will slow the process down of it growing back.

Many homeowners attempt to do their own roof cleaning, saving money by not hiring a service, however, there are many reasons why it is better to call a professional roof cleaning service. What makes climbing and working on a roof so dangerous? The algae, lichen, and moss that builds upon the roof make it slippery, and if the roof is steep, anyone that isn’t experienced in walking on that surface can slip quickly.

The Method and Process That Gets Roof Cleaner with Professionals 

A professional roof cleaning service will have all the proper equipment, gear, and supplies to get to the very top safely.  They are experienced in climbing tall roofs, and they are insured. So, should anything happen, it will be their responsibility, not your ER bill and hospital stay.

The power wash or other equipment you may have on hand or purchase for this project won’t be the same commercial grade that a professional roof cleaning service uses, nor will have the same commercial strength, 100% eco-friendly cleaning products. By the time you purchase all the equipment, gear, and supplies, then add in the value of your time, you’ll find that it is less expensive to hire a professional to clean your roof. 

Professional roof cleaning services have two ways they can clean your roof, with the first way with a pressure washing method. They spray pressurized water on your roof that removes the algae, dirt, grime, lichen, and mold. This method works great for concrete or metal roofs. However, on a shingled roof, the high pressure can do more damage than good, damaging, even tearing shingles off.

The other method to get your home roof clean is done with a soft wash, letting the chemicals do the work of removing the algae, dirt, grime, lichen, and mold. A professional roof cleaning service that is accustomed to cleaning shingle roofs will use the chemical method with soft brushes that removes the gunk just, even deeper, which will minimize and slow the gunk from returning too soon. 

Cleaning the Outside Is Important As Cleaning The Inside

When you want to keep your home clean and tidy on the inside, remember, the exterior needs your attention beyond lawn mowing and shrub trimming.  Choose a professional to clean your roof to make sure it is getting the cleanest it can be and you’ll have a guarantee to work with too! 

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