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What are your plans on decorating your business for the Christmas season this year – or have you thought about it yet? If you’re like most business owners, you’re too busy to even think about hanging the best Christmas lights possible, but you know you’re expected to. So, you’ll probably have one of your employees put up a basic tree, hang the array of holiday cards you’ll get in the mail, and set the Muzak on holiday tunes.

This process may work fine for an office environment that has little to no customers walking in. But if your business has a street-level window view or if a walk-in business is a big part of your income, how you decorate for the holidays could attract more customers. Why do you think the big retail stores do it? They have personnel that decorates their windows as well as the entire store that this is their profession – they are display artists.

But for some businesses, holiday decorating is not on the top 10 things to get done. And that is where a commercial lighting installation service can come to your rescue. Using a custom commercial Christmas lights service will give your business a brighter appearance over the businesses around you, making your business stand out. 

Holiday Lighting Christmas Lighting | Clearly Amazing

In addition to a business using a commercial lighting installation service, a city or HOA group can benefit from this as well. Making any commercial property look festive for the holiday is their goal. What benefits can you expect to have from using a professional holiday lighting service?

  •         It creates a memorable holiday experience
  •         It can increase foot traffic
  •         It improves your business’ visibility
  •         It will generate a marketing buzz that your competitors may miss
  •         It will provide you’re a measurable ROI


By hiring a commercial holiday lighting service to decorate your business, you will have the best Christmas lights showing your holiday spirit. They will use new, state-of-the-art commercial-grade fixtures, and can create a custom design to most unique details, set the displays up and hang lights, will provide season-long maintenance, and return to do the take-down then store them for you!

Don’t Forget The Roofline Lighting!

As a business owner, you don’t have time to do the holiday decorating yourself, so you have your employees do it as they can fit it into their day, right? But do you want them climbing up ladders to illuminate your commercial building’s exterior? The liability chances your taking can cost you in so many ways. By hiring a commercial holiday lighting service, they will come equipped and with experience to get your lights hung as high as your building goes, and without risking your business liability insurance.

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Churches and retail stores always have the best Christmas lights up, making the businesses around them pale in comparison. But you don’t have to settle for that anymore! There are holiday lighting services available that can decorate community entrances for HOA groups, adult communities, apartment complexes, and more. They not only will decorate the perimeter of a commercial building, but they will hang the best Christmas lights on the trees as well as bushes and lampposts. It all depends on how much you want to have done and the budget you need to work with.

There Benefits For Commercial Christmas Lights

Commercial properties that use a commercial holiday lighting service get a little more attention than residential customers. Like using only LED lights for commercial displays because they aren’t as likely to fail. They also won’t use as much electricity and aren’t as likely to trip the GFCI circuits which can disrupt the electricity to other parts of your business.

You Can Save Money by Using a Professional Holiday Lighting Service

Business owners must watch the bottom line – and that even means during the Christmas season. Holiday decorations and lights can get expensive, especially if you want quality products to get the best Christmas lights possible.

By using a commercial lighting installation service you have the option to lease theirs instead of buying any. In this way, you’ll know they are new, and the company will maintain them while they are displayed, saving you the trouble of replacing bulbs that burn out. They will have quality decorations from the greenery to the ornaments and beyond. And when you use these companies every year, you can be sure they have replaced the old stuff with new stuff, keeping the lights bright and shining!

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