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Christmas Holiday Lights | All-Clean!

Are you planning your best Christmas decorating to service your customers yet? No? Well, Autumn is knocking on your door already and along with it comes the memories of cozy sweaters, falling leaves, fireplace gazing, hot cider, hot cocoa, and Thanksgiving. It’s also a reminder that the holidays are near.

No matter if your memory conjures up the taste of that apple cider or the smell of fireplaces burning and wet leaves, what this should tell any retail business owner is scent is the once sense that drives our emotions. And a professional holiday decorating service can help you find the best way to do that – with scents of the season!

Capture Those Consumers With Holiday Scents! 

As a retailer, you are probably using the fall season to prepare for the Christmas holiday by buying the products you know will sell. But why not maximize the attention span of every consumer that walks into your store?  No worries that you’re taking advantage of the consumer either – they are going to spend that holiday dollar somewhere, may as well be with you. And do you know what attracts customers this time of the year? Music and scents. Ask any commercial holiday decorating service what’s the one thing that will get the attention of potential customers, and they will tell you it is the holiday music and the holiday aromas.

In 2018, American consumers spent over $700 billion for Christmas and experts at National Retail Federation say we can expect even more to be spent this year. And it wasn’t all spent on gifts. A good portion was spent on food – and you know that the aroma of cookies baking draws your attention or holiday decorations. And every year, commercial holiday decorating services are getting busier as Americans are getting busier with holiday concerts, parties, plays, and shopping.


Seasonal Holiday Lighting | Clearly Amazing


Now, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any concerns regarding the American economy, but that isn’t any news. Day-by-day, month-by-month, year after year, there is always some uneasy feelings for retailers. Did they buy the wrong items to stock or did they overbuy and what will they do with the leftovers?

And retailers worry about other things as well, like staffing, paying the bills, and having the best Christmas decorations. A professional service that focuses on nothing, but Holiday decorating service can minimize those retail worries by taking this one thing off your plate. Where your focus should be on inventory, sales, and staffing and all of that fitting the budget, why not take advantage of a service like this?

 Ambient Scents Will Draw the Crowds

The experts in the commercial holiday decorating service industry will tell you that ambient scenting, or scent marketing, is the use of using scents specific to a business’ focus or the season at hand. With ambient scenting coming from your retail business, you’ll generate a sensory experience that will increase foot traffic and browsing time by your potential customers. And with your repeat customers, it can increase their brand loyalty because shopping in your retail establishment is an emotional, fond memory for them – making it a tradition.

By utilizing the ambient scenting method that holiday decorating services recommend this time of the year, you will bring about a deep sensory experience in for shoppers. Whether you’re in a mall, strip center, or a street-front store, consumers will follow the scents that give them that emotional connection to a favorite memory. And that memory could be sealed with your brand, product, or service.

The best Christmas decorating service will discuss your business with you and help you determine the scent or scents that are right for your business. Where we mentioned the autumn feelings, images, and memories earlier in this piece, ambient scents can do the same thing for your retail business.

So, along with hanging decorations and holiday lighting to give your retail store that perfect look for Christmas, as your current holiday decorating service about adding the ambient scenting to your retail store too.

How Do You Incorporate Scent Marketing For Sales Strategy?

You may be thinking that you can just purchase a few candles or plug-in air fresheners that smell like cinnamon and pine and get that scent marketing much cheaper than if you were to hire a commercial holiday decorating service. But it isn’t all that simple, trust the professionals that give you the best Christmas decorating service to know what will work best for you.

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