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Christmas Lighting | All-Clean!

You read that headline and thought to yourself (or maybe out loud) “It’s not even Halloween yet! Why are they saying ‘Tis The Season” already?”  Well, folks, it is not too early to get ready for Christmas! Many of the professional Christmas lighting services are already booked up. Yes, they start booking jobs as early as July and by Halloween, they are booked up. 

Once Halloween is over, the retail world will glaze right over Thanksgiving and head right into Christmas. The coffee shops will take away the pumpkin spice flavoured beverages and bring out the peppermint flavoured ones. You remember how long the summer seemed and then, BOOM, back-to-school shopping and Labor Day were here. Well, the calendar just seems to speed up after that BOOM and getting your Christmas decoration lights out and hung is closer than you realize. 

When you look at the calendar, by Halloween, Christmas is less than 60 days away. So, yeah, Christmas is pretty much just around the corner and if you haven’t thought about getting your decorations and lights out for your front yard, you probably should. Or start shopping around for a professional holiday lighting service and see if there are any openings left. 

Avoid Those Typical Holiday Preparation Mistakes

There are six common mistakes that people make every year that can be avoided by hiring a professional Holiday lighting service. Yeah, the holidays can be a financial drain, and hiring a service to do something you can do yourself may seem like something that isn’t necessary. But look at the following mistakes and tell me you haven’t made them at least once, maybe you do the same one(s) every year even. 

Missing the Color

Yes, a house trimmed in all white lights is bright and pretty, but it’s also boring. Christmas decorations lights should be bold and bright, full of cheer and happiness! A house in all white kind of takes the “HO HO HO Merry Christmas!” feel out and leaves you with a “ho ho ho”. 

This doesn’t mean your home needs to be a Kaleidoscope circus but having a splash of color here and there among the all-white background can bring out that festive feel and holiday cheer. Professional Christmas lighting services know the right balance of “all-white” and a bit of color pop that will make those cars driving by stop and the passengers sigh with a smile.

Exterior Christmas Decorating | Clearly Amazing


Buy Cheap and It Shows

There isn’t a big box store in town that isn’t going to be selling Christmas decorations and lights. And they will have a variety of cheap stuff as well as the more expensive, high-quality ones. But keep in mind, when you buy cheap, it will show. Or maybe it won’t show, because they won’t work half of the time they’re displayed! 

By hiring a professional Christmas lighting service, you can opt to rent theirs and know they will work the whole season. Why? They know their decorations and lights are going to create a reputation for them, so they are going to use only the best. And not only will they work all season long, but if there is a burned-out bulb or a problem with any of the decorations, part of their service is to come back and make it all right. 

No Plan And Winging It

Do you create a plan of how to set up your decorations and hang your lights before you start? Or do you just pull out the ladder, untangle the lights and go for it? Well, that may put some lights out there, but if you just haphazardly hang them up, chances are the string of lights runs a little short on one end. So, you either leave it like that or go buy another string and continue, then you have too much on that end. A professional holiday lighting service will make your home look beautifully planned with Christmas decorations and lights.

No, it doesn’t take rocket science to hang and install Christmas lights, but a professional holiday lighting service will discuss with you what look you want, what your budget is, and then they will create a plan that is specifically for your home and lawn. By pre-planning, they will have a beautiful result for you that will get those driving by a reason to slow down, maybe even stop, in gaze at that beautiful Christmas cheer you have on display. 

A Few Closing Words

By hiring a professional Christmas lighting service, you’ll achieve two things right away: They will be using the latest in lighting, like the LED lights that you haven’t bought yet. And you won’t be in danger of falling off of the ladder or getting shocked by using old extension cords! 

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