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Decorating the house, doing the shopping and wrapping of presents are always fun – exhausting – but fun for me.  The outside decorations and lights have always been my husband’s “duty” and not so much for him. So, this year, instead of badgering and nagging him, and I certainly wasn’t about to attempt the two-story climb myself, lugging our Santa and his sleigh with me, I decided to hire a Christmas decoration service.

I hear the gasps from everyone reading this, and my family is still walking around in numbness. But I am looking forward to seeing how this all works out. I have had friends tell me they have been using a holiday decorating service for a few years now and they haven’t looked back with any regret at all. Some of them already use an interior home decorating service for their formal rooms, so going that one step further and having a professional do their house decorate with lights on the outside and yard wasn’t that big of a deal for them.

But some of my friends are like me, and take personal pride in our holiday home decor, so a service doing it was just not discussed, or even thought of, I thought! Once I let my secret out of the bag and several of them admitted to doing this already, I felt so much better about this decision.  But I didn’t do this just to save my husband from my badgering and nagging.

Why Did I Hire A Professional Decorating Service This Year?

Even More Exciting and Festive This Year!


When the holidays begin to roll around, and it seems to come faster every year, just after Labor Day, the kids and I are always excited about getting the house to decorate with lights and more. We “work” hard at making the inside all festive and merry, with the Christmas tree, the strands of holly over the fireplace and the chimneys, “all hung with care” too. But, the exterior decorating, well, as I said, that has always been my husband’s job, but I must say, he didn’t put a lot of design effort into it.

This year, after talking with a couple of different Christmas decorations services, the one I chose, I feel has the best understanding of what I want to do. Most, if not all, holiday decorating services have pre-designed plans to offer, and the pricing was fair. But the results didn’t seem like they would be what I pictured.

Of course, the budget was a concern, and that was part of the process, finding the best deal possible. But when it comes to making my home festive and holiday-themed for Christmas, simple house decorates with lights just weren’t going to work. I wanted a WOW factor that makes our stand-out on the block this year – not just blend in.

Festive Lights | Clearly Amazing

Safer And Less Time Consuming For Us

Because I was trying to save my husband this annual anguish of his, and I don’t feel confident enough to climb the ladder 2-stories, I feel that a professional Christmas decoration service with hands-on experience will give us the professional installation for our holiday lights and décor will be the safest deal. They will have experience in climbing ladders while toting a Santa and sleigh if we want. They were able to use our decorations and lights, or we could go with theirs. They are fully insured and licensed too, something you want to be sure before hiring anyone. And the price they quoted to get our house decorated with their holiday lighting installation service was so reasonable!

The holiday decorating service I decided to work with was so patient listening to my ideas and combined them with some of their pre-design plans, which will make our house look unique, even if any of our neighbors are using the same holiday decorating service.

So, not only will we have the WOW house on the block this summer, but my husband won’t have to listen to my badgering and nagging, I won’t have to badger or nag him, and we can simply just sit back and enjoy the holiday season. We can shop and wrap and party and just simply relax and watch old holiday classics.

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