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How Can I Be Sure That The Contractor Actually Cleaned My Gutters?

Hi I’m Brandon with All-Clean SoftWash.

Today I want to answer the question – how can I be sure that the contractor actually cleaned my gutters?  Please watch the video or read the article below.

First off – this is a great question to ask. Sometimes gutter cleaners appear to be very quick on and off the property. All of the work is for the most part done “out of sight”, and a lot of shady contractors take advantage of this.

Here are 3 ways you can be sure they are doing a good job for you without having to get up on a ladder yourself –

Ask for Before/After photos. Everyone has a smartphone and something as simple as texting photos to your cell phone is an easy way for a contractor to show off their great work.

Check their online reviews and references. Doing a little background research can build confidence that your contractor is trustworthy and stands behind their promises.

Hire a reputable contractor with a guarantee. Most reputable companies offer a 30-day clog free guarantee, that promises if you have any overflows or clogs, that they will come back at no charge. This is a good way to ensure a contractor will do a great, thorough job for you. After all – wouldn’t they want to do a great job the first time to avoid coming back for free?

I hope this video has been helpful – If you have any additional questions or would like a free on-site estimate to get your gutters cleaned, please feel free to fill out the attached feedback form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Thank you again for watching and reading – I hope you have a fantastic day!

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