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It’s a weighty job

Your gutters remove more than 600 gallons of water for every inch of rain on a 1,000-square-foot roof – a major responsibility for sure. If water cannot flow freely due to accumulated debris and blockages, it can cause serious damage and deterioration that’s costly to repair and remediate – and prevent your gutter system from serving as the protective barrier for your home and property as it was designed.

The path of least resistance

A clogged gutter system causes water to become trapped, and the longer it remains stagnant, the greater the risk for it to …

  • Seep under your roof’s shingles
  • Saturate the fascia board
  • Leak into the attic, walls and basement
  • Pool around the foundation
  • Erode your landscaping
  • Encourage mold growth
  • Invite pest and insect inhabitation

For these reasons and many more, regular gutter cleaning must be maintained to ensure that your gutters are up to their assigned task and functioning as needed.

A debris magnet

Simply because of the shape and positioning of your gutters, they naturally become a willing receptacle for leaves, pine needles and cones, twigs, dirt, roofing materials and other debris – even that stray baseball. We highly recommend that you have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. If your home is surrounded by or in close proximity to trees or you live in an especially rainy climate, your gutters may need inspection and cleaning more often, such as quarterly, to ensure that there are no obstructions. See “How Often Should My Gutters Be Cleaned?

No hidden surprises

Regular gutter cleaning will also allow for the discovery of any structural compromises such as holes, detachments or hardware issues that would otherwise go unnoticed until an issue surfaces. By the time the issue presents itself, damage could have been taking hold and worsening. It’s important to be aware of any signals that your gutters are in need of cleaning, and to make a visual inspection part of your regular property checklist. See “Telltale Signs that Your Gutters Need Cleaning.”

If you’re looking to have your gutters professionally cleaned, our highly experienced, fully insured, and ladder-safety certified crews stand ready to serve! At Clearly Amazing, we’re your convenient single source for a full menu of exterior cleaning, sanitizing, and lighting installation services.

Contact us today to schedule your cleaning or to request a free estimate – and be sure to ask about our Gutter Protection Plans, which put your gutter cleaning on automatic, give you greater peace of mind, and deliver valuable savings!

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