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Christmas Decor | All-Clean!

Ready or not, in just a matter of a few months, Christmas will be here, and the holiday decorating plans have started. Yes, Facebook and stores are already putting out countdown calendars, and it isn’t even Halloween yet, much less Thanksgiving. It won’t be long before you’ll see Christmas lights all around Seattle. 

If you’ve been pushing the thoughts of going up in the attic to dig through the holiday decorations, untangling cords and replacing burnt light bulbs, maybe it’s time to call in professional holiday decorating services. Seattle houses are often on sides of mountains, even if they are in a developed neighborhood. So, between the hassle of pulling stuff from the attic or basement, along with the fear of climbing a ladder with cords, hooks, and lights, paying for somebody else to install holiday lights here in Washington state is becoming more popular every year.

In addition to making it easier on yourself, safer for you, and giving you more time to spend with family and friends, or getting your holiday shopping done, here are 5 more benefits to hiring one of the holidays decorating services in Seattle this year, and all the years to follow:

Holiday decorating | Clearly Amazing

  1.   Customized Designs – It isn’t a secret that the Christmas lights in Seattle are one of the most beautiful things to see, especially after a snowfall and all the mountains. When you hire a professional, you’ll meet with their design team member to discuss your ideas and vision of holiday lighting. You want the holiday lighting on your home to reflect your personality, style, and taste. They will create a design plan and then present that to you and make any adjustments and changes you request if possible. They will take into consideration the architecture of your home and the landscaping around it, as well as the infrastructure of your electrical setup.
  2.   Professional-grade Products – A professional holiday lighting installation company will use only the best professional-grade products for your holiday lighting designs. Professional holiday decorating service, they will use professional style equipment and products that are made for the outdoor elements in this part of the country. Gone are your worries about having to buy electrical cords that are the right length and type, decorations, and lights because they have it all. And they refresh their inventory each year, so you’ll most likely have new stuff every Christmas, instead of the faded and worn decorations you’ve used for the past 10, 15, or 20 years.
  3.   Professional Decorations and Lights Installation – When you hire a professional to install your holiday lights in Washington state, you eliminate the need to pull out your ladder and climb to the rooftop of a house that is sitting on the side of a mountain (and most homes do here).
    An experienced holiday decorating professional has been trained and they work all year finding ways to better and perfect their system. You only need your lights installed once a year, but they work the whole year to give you the results possible, safely. By hiring a service to do this for you, not only will save time, but you’re minimizing your chances of visiting an ER over the holidays.
  1. Holiday Décor and Light Maintenance – With all the regular busy things during the holiday season, the last thing you need to worry about is care and maintenance with your Christmas lights. Seattle is busy this time of the year with concerts, parties, recitals, shopping, and more. When a seasonal storm comes through and pulls down the strands of lights on your roof, one call to the professional holiday decorating services in Seattle that you choose and they’ll be there to repair or replace as needed. They want your home looking its absolute best because your home is their advertisement.
  2. The Professionals Remove and Store – When the Christmas and New Year holidays are over and all your guests have left, you’re tired. By hiring a professional to install your holiday lights, Washington State holiday decorating professionals will return to remove them and when you use their equipment and products, they will pack them away and store them. This eliminates another trip up the attic for you too!

Closing Thoughts About Hiring A Professional Holiday Decorating Service

The holidays add to our personal and professional lives, nobody can argue that point. By hiring a professional to do your holiday decorating and lighting installation, you can significantly add more time to your days and find more time to enjoy the special time of the year. 

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