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Is there a house in your neighborhood that has beautifully, perfectly decorated shrubs, tree trunks, and house exterior every Christmas – making you envious? Well, they may not be doing it all themselves. They may have hired a holiday decorating service and had it all done for them. Yes, there is a Santa Claus Virginia, and today, there are professional Christmas decorations services too.

What was once a family tradition, for the busy household today, hiring it out is as common as having the yard mowed and the house cleaned. From getting the kids to and from school, sports activities, and themselves to work, it seems like there just isn’t enough time for mom and dad to get their home decorated for the holidays, or not sufficiently anyway.

Professional Christmas Decorator | Clearly Amazing
A Premium Luxury or A Necessity?

All around the country today, it seems like everything is a competition, including holiday decorating. You can be certain that as soon as you’ve hung the last strand of lights, secured Santa and his sleigh to the roof (hopefully), somebody in your household is going to post a picture on Facebook or Instagram.

So, keeping up with the Joneses that live a block over has never become more important. And so, has hired a professional holiday decorating service it seems! And for a household that the mom and dad travel on business more than they are home, or entertain clients as well as family and friends, more homes are wanting multiple trees in addition to the picture-perfect front yard. A Christmas decoration service takes this task away, leaving the homeowners ore time to spend shopping, wrapping presents, and entertaining, (or be entertained).

You can even have Christmas decoration service handpick a live tree for you or rent theirs along with all the decorations and lights, have it all delivered and set up. And the best part for many homeowners, they come to take it all back down too!

If you rent the decorations and lights the holiday decorating services offers, they take them and store them, so more climbing up in the attic for your stuff. Nor will you have to worry about getting the lights all wrapped up around the Christmas tree and on the house, only to discover there are several burned out! While you’re renting their materials, they will come change out burnt lights and fix any mishaps as part of the service too. Can you say WHOO HOO!!

Don’t Wait For December Though!

Because hiring a professional holiday decorating service has become so popular over the past few years, they are getting houses scheduled as early as July. If you’re one of those households that don’t pull out the Christmas decorations and lights until after Thanksgiving, you may not find an opening with a professional, trustworthy Christmas decoration service. The sooner you call and request a free consultation and quote, the better.

Anyone that has used a professional Christmas decoration service will tell you that the results are perfect, and maybe even look better than when they have done it themselves, and yet, you’ll get all the credit.

Yes, it is a convenience that earlier generations just wouldn’t understand hiring a holiday decorating service, or the money you’ll spend on having it done. But when you consider the time it takes to get the lights installed and the decorations up, you’ve lost a full Saturday that you could have been playing with the kids or getting your shopping done. Or may, just spending the day resting, sipping hot chocolate, and watching football games.

Christmas decoration service | Clearly Amazing

Is Your Safety Worth The Expense?

Maybe you can’t justify your packed schedule as being a reason to hire a holiday decorating service, after all, you work hard for your money, right? But think about your safety, especially if you have a multi-story home. A professional Christmas decoration service will have all the proper ladders and security equipment, as well as the experience of climbing up that ladder with the decorations and lights.

Ask any hospital what the main reasons people are coming to them between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You’ll probably find that 90% of the people they see had some mishaps while putting up their lights. And it isn’t just falling off the ladder, or worse, the roof, but cuts or electrocution. The list of possible accidents is endless.

And that subject brings us to another point: Make sure the Christmas decoration service you hire is bonded and insured. If they have any accidents, you don’t want it being filed on your homeowner’s insurance. Ask for current and recent references too, then check with those customers. Or if you like a house and yard done for the holidays, ask them if they used a holiday decorating service and who it was.

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