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How much time do you have to spare during the holidays? If you’re like most people, you spend the months of November and December running around, trying to balance holiday shopping with work, chores, and general household life. This leaves little time for time-consuming things like holiday decorating. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem – a holiday decorating service Cincinnati residents trust. This service will make your holiday season go much smoother and alleviate some of the stress.

Holiday Decorating Can Be Complicated

How many decorations do you get out of storage every winter? The average homeowner has at least three plastic storage tubs of décor for the holidays, ranging from Christmas tree decorations to those that go outside of the house. People deck their windows with lights (either inside or outside), cover their shrubs and outdoor trees with strings of twinkling lights, add in light-powered blow-up figures, and even put faux candles in their windows. And those are just the decorations visible from the outside. Inside there’s the Christmas tree, stockings on the fireplace, and any number of other holiday items. As a result, decorating can take at least an entire day, if not longer, depending on the number of things involved. You don’t really have that kind of time, do you?

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The Issues with Hanging Lights Yourself

No matter the size of your house, your Christmas lights can be a pain to deal with. Not only do you have to find all of your boxes of lights from wherever you stashed them (attics and basements are the most popular locations), but you also have to plug them in before you remove them from the packing to see which ones work and which don’t. Even worse, if you have a string with a bad bulb – and it’s preventing everything from lighting up – then you get the fun of checking each bulb to see which one is the bad one. As you can imagine, this isn’t fun at all.

Then, once you know which strands of lights are good, you next have to hang them. This involves heading outside with a ladder, in the cold and snowy weather, to put them up. You need to find the outdoor receptacle, hope that your extension cords are in good shape, and then find the best ways to hook those lights to the outside of your home. And did we mention that this is done in the snow? You don’t have the time for this, nor the inclination. Plus, it’s not very safe to be out there on a ladder, hanging lights, when it’s blustery cold outside. Why go through all of the trouble?

Indoor Holiday Decorations

While hanging lights outside of your home are never easy, the inside of it can be even more complicated. You have to get your Christmas tree ready to go. Whether you use a fake tree that needs to be assembled or one that you bought fresh, you need to get it into a base and into the right room of your home. Then, you need to pull out some lights and ornaments, and even a stepladder, to decorate it. Once again, this isn’t the safest thing on earth, since you run the risk of falling off the ladder and hurting yourself. You don’t want to spend your holiday season on crutches.

The other indoor decorations can be just as complicated. For example, you have wreaths that need to be hung on the doors, mantelpieces to drape with boughs of holly or strands of garland, candles or other things to put in the windows. All of this takes the time that you just don’t have because you have plenty of things to do.

What Our Holiday Lighting Service Entails

You need someone to help simplify your holiday season – someone who will hang those lights and other decorations for you. That’s where Clearly Amazing comes in. We offer holiday lighting installation in Cincinnati that involves putting up all of your décors, no matter how complicated your setup will be. In fact, if you don’t have your own lights, you can lease ours. Yes, we have lights that you can lease for the duration of the season – and you won’t have to put them up yourself. In fact, our holiday decorating service in Cincinnati is designed to make your holiday season go smoothly. If something goes wrong with your lighting or decorations, just give us a call. We’ll come in and repair them for you. You won’t have to go up on a ladder, fight with tangled strings of lights, or attempt to hang your decorations yourself in inclement weather. Make your holiday season go more smoothly and have more time for your family and friends (and everything else on your list) with our holiday decorating service.


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