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Christmas Lights | All-Clean!

Well, maybe it isn’t quite that time of the year right now, but it will be soon! So, start planning your Christmas decoration and lighting now so that you won’t be as stressed when the time arrives. Or you could think about reserving a time with a local Christmas decoration service this year – the do all the work and you get all the credit and enjoyment.

Even if you do dread hanging the lights, admit it, it isn’t so dreary amid the winter blah for those few weeks that you come home and the house is lit up, right? A lot of people love the holiday season and seem to be overflowing with Christmas cheer before the Turkey dinner is cleaned up.

And they are the ones that their front yard looks like a picture from a movie, thinking “Christmas Vacation”. But you don’t have to go all out like that with lights on every single bush or tree, lights strung on every eve of the house, and a moving Santa with his eight tiny reindeer and sled on the roof.

Festive is fun, and you can over-do it, but you don’t have to do so much either. Here are a few hints and tips that can keep that innocent, magical time of the year alive for you so that you too can feel the season of joy.

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Holiday Decorating Isn’t Just For You

Holiday decorating is for more than just your household. The entire neighborhood enjoys the bright lights and cheerful mood. And if your neighborhood is like many, some families that make a night of driving around other neighborhoods looking at the decorations and lights. (My family always did, and even though all three of our kids are adults with their own families, they have carried on the tradition).

The Mishaps

It has been said that there are over 15,000 injuries every year from Christmas light hanging mishaps.

There are several dangers to be aware of when installing your holiday decorations and lighting. By using a professional holiday lighting installation service, you’ll immediately make it a safer holiday because they have not only the experience, but they have the proper equipment like electrical cords, hangers, ladders, etc.

The Ladder

If you decide that you don’t want to use a Christmas decoration service and do this yourself, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right size ladder height-wise and that you have it safely positioned. If it is the least bit rocky, do not attempt to climb up it.

The Extension Cords

Check all our extension cords for any cracks, fraying, splits. Don’t try to patch them if you find any problems. Replace them with new extension cords. Then as you stretch them out, if there are any running along the ground, make sure they are secured so there isn’t any tripping hazard.

Keep the outside plugs elevated and covered so that rain or snow can’t get in. Cover with a plastic bag secured by duct tape works or you can find plastic gadgets that snap around the connections. A professional holiday lighting service will have all new extension cords to use, they won’t need yours, a safety measure for them and you.

The Outdoor Lights

Check the outdoor lights BEFORE you hang them. Especially if you can’t remember when you purchased them, then they’re probably too old. Christmas light wires get brittle over time and become a possible fire hazard. If you plug them in and they immediately feel warm, toss and replace. And the same as with the extension cords, if there are cracks, frays, or splits, you need to toss and repair.

Second, only use Christmas lights that are designated for outdoor use on the outside. Indoor lights cannot withstand the winter weather like cold, ice, and rain. If they get wet, they can short out and start a fire. This is another benefit of hiring a Christmas decoration service, they use new materials every year. No chance of anything shorting out and blowing a fuse or worse, catching on fire.

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Gather Your Supplies Before You Climb The Ladder

If you don’t have one, purchase either a utility apron or belt and load your supplies. This way, you won’t have to make that climb several times to get supplies. The fewer times you must climb the ladder, the fewer chances of falling.

A holiday decorating service will have ample amounts of fasteners, hangers, and hooks that are designed for fastening decorations and lights safely on the outside. If you’re planning on using nails or screws, these can damage the eaves of your home and can come undone. With the proper fasteners, hangers, and hooks, not only are they safer, but they won’t damage the eaves of your home either.

Final Comments

If all this makes hanging up the Christmas lights sound like too much work, call a Christmas decoration service for a quote. And don’t wait too long, they are often booked up by Thanksgiving.

Another benefit of using a holiday lighting installation service is that not only will they hang the lights for you, but they will replace bulbs as needed through the season and the best part – they take them down too!

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