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It won’t be long before we start seeing holiday decorations and gift ideas in the stores. Seems like we go from Halloween right into Christmas these days, and that includes getting your home or business decorated. This year, if you haven’t thought of it already, give some thought to hiring a holiday lighting installation service to hang your outdoor holiday lights and install the decorations.

Your first question is “Why would I do that?” and our immediate answer is “Why not?” Unless you like standing out in the cold, sometimes drizzling weather, and climbing up a slippery ladder (with the wind blowing), only to find out some of the lights are burned out. We’re betting that you’d probably rather be sitting in your chair watching a football game and sipping on hot chocolate.

Commercial Holiday Lighting Service Is Booming!

We’ve asked around, looking for quotes to have our own lights hung, and installers are telling us they already have jobs booked, way sooner than they did last year. Some are estimating that by Halloween, they’ll be booked up for pre-holiday light installation jobs.

So why is this commercial holiday lighting service booming? Just a few years ago, you were getting painters and roofers looking to make some money in their offseason to hang lights for a few bucks. Then off duty firemen started providing holiday light hanging services. And if you’ll notice, the common link between a painter, a roofer, and a fireman – they are all used to heights.

For the homeowner that isn’t too keen on climbing up a ladder, much less carrying lights and other Christmas decorations with him or her too, hiring any of these folks sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? And once you get up there and get all done, you look around and you don’t have the best Christmas lights on the block cause the guy down the street used a professional commercial holiday lighting service this year! UGH!

Heights and Ladders Not Enough Reason For You To Hire A Holiday Lighting Service?

Not only are homeowners that dread heights and ladders while toting decorations and lights hiring professionals, but it is safer in other ways too. Like the use of extension cords – the average homeowner often plugs too much into one cord (even though the instructions on the decorations, lights, and cords caution not to). This can cause breakers to flip, cords to melt, and worse, fires have been started by overloaded cords and circuits.

Another reason turning this task over to a professional holiday lighting service is that proverbial ball of tangled up lights! Every year, you untangle, hang the lights, take down the lights, and CAREFULLY pack them away. Then the next year, some gremlin had gotten into the attic and tangled them all up again! We know you’re shaking your head yes at this point – we’ve all been there and done that, right?

And what about replacing the burned-out bulbs after you have them all hung up? Or the Santa and his sleigh start sliding off the roof? With a professional service, they will have free repair and replace trips as part of the package deal, making sure your home or business has the best Christmas lights displayed. And even better, after the holiday, they come and remove it all and pack it all up.

We have another great reason you should consider a professional Christmas lighting service: You can rent their decorations and lights or use your own! What good is it to rent this stuff? Well, you won’t have to pack it up and store it for starters. And they have purchased new stuff, keeping up with the most current trends, whereas you’ll have the same old stuff with maybe a few new pieces.

How Much Does This Commercial Holiday Lighting Service Cost?

Well, like anything else, it varies from city to city, state to state. And how many decorations and lights you want will affect the price as well as how detailed you want too. If you’re just looking to have one string of lights across the front of your house, you can expect around $100 using your lights, maybe $150 using their lights.

If you have an elaborate light display or a manger scene, as well as a Santa and sleigh on the rooftop with eight tiny reindeer, you can expect to pay as much as $1000 or more. If you’re going to request synchronized music and animated characters, the price will go up. Again, these are estimated prices and you shouldn’t use this as a bargaining tool, but you owe it to yourself to shop around.

Other things that will affect the price is how big your house or business is. An average house with one string of lights across the front won’t cost as much as a long, ranch-style house with lights along the roof edge. First, the long, ranch-style house could take 4 strands of lights versus the one strand for the smaller house. And if your house is a multi-story and you want lights strung across the rooftop, that is going to take a ladder taller than the average 6-foot size as well as 2 or more people and several extension cords to make sure you have the best Christmas lights that are safe and secure, and your safe and warm.

Showstopper or Traditional, A Professional Service Is Key To Happy Holidays

 Whether you want a showstopper Christmas layout or you’re sticking with traditional multi-color or simple, all-white lights, going with a professional service is key to making sure you have a good start for a Happy Holiday season and the best Christmas lights in the neighborhood!

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