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Christmas light ideas | All-Clean!

For many families with children, holiday decorating is a family fun activity. Memories are made for the kids to carry on to their children one day. And for many, holiday decorating is a time to bring family and friends together to decorate the tree, enjoying drinks, food, laughter, and music. Either way, these are traditions we cherish.

And then there are some if that holiday decorating is a time-consuming hassle or depending on the amount and type of decorations to be done, it is a safety risk. And it is in these situations that enjoying the holiday season isn’t possible, which is why calling a Holiday Lighting Installation Service to handle the task is a great solution!

Experienced holiday light decorators can transform a business or residential property into a holiday wonderland! The holiday season is that special time, filled with family, friends, joy, and memories. Professional decorative lighting and displays will enhance your holiday experience, allowing you to enjoy the joyous time. 

At one time, for many, the non-stop mode of the holiday season is an overload. With baking, card mailing, shopping, wrapping and what seems to be endless parties, the decorating part of the holiday is just too much.  This is the time of year that doctors and hospitals see a lot of exhaustion cases coming in. With a professional Holiday Lighting Service and holiday light decorators, the holiday time-warp is eased, and you can enjoy the season more relaxed.

Christmas Lights | Clearly Amazing

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Holiday Lighting Service?

Holiday decorating inside and outside your business or home can be time-consuming, not to mention labor-intensive. And while the thought of not doing anything may cross the minds of business owners and homeowners, the reality of not being a part of the festive mood doesn’t seem right. Nobody, especially a business, wants to be viewed as a scrooge!

An experienced team of professional holiday light decorators can either use the decorations you have or you can lease their decorations. They will set up the decorations, hang the lights, and make your home or business look holiday inviting. And the best part: When the holidays are over, they come to take it all down and pack it up for you to store yours or pack up and take theirs away. While decorating can be fun, the part of removing them and packing it all away is not something anyone enjoys! That part alone can make you realize that whatever the service may cost, it is well worth the money! 

Where Do You Find A Quality Holiday Lighting Service And How Much Will It Cost?

Check with your landscaper or check with local roofers and window washers, there is also off-duty fire personnel that do holiday decorating on the side. So not only will you make your holiday season easier and safer, but you’ll be helping somebody else with their holiday expenses by giving them a job.

So how much does a holiday decorating service cost? It varies from state-to-state, city-to-city, and the size of the property to be decorated will affect the cost as well as how much decorating you want to be done. Your first thought maybe “I can do it myself cheaper”, but when you consider that over 10,000 homeowners end up in the emergency room annually while hanging lights and setting up holiday decorations, is it really cheaper to do it yourself? From falling off the ladder, or worse, the roof, to electrical shocks and fire hazards, the amount you spend on hiring professional holiday light decorators may not be as expensive as you think.

In addition to not having the risk of injury while doing your own holiday decorating, consider malfunctions during the holiday and the clean-up after the holiday. Professional holiday decorating services will include setting up, repair/replacement trips, taking down, packing up, and cleaning up. The kids will enjoy decorating the tree and hanging the stockings, but after January 2nd, nobody is around to help take it all down and put it away.

Christmas light ideas | Clearly Amazing

Use Your Own or Rent Theirs

Holiday Lighting Service companies and professional holiday light decorators will use your items, or you can choose to rent theirs. Either way, they take responsibility of making sure all of it is working properly, no electrical shortages or burned out bulbs. They will untangle the lights, replace the burnt bulbs, and make sure those holiday characters are set up correctly.

Come The New Year …

Try the professional way one time, and we guarantee that you’ll be glad you did come to New Year’s Day as you look back on the previous month. And imagine how relaxing it will be watching somebody else taking down the lights, trees, and other holiday items?


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