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Gutter Clean | All-Clean!

What are the biggest pitfalls when choosing a gutter cleaning contractor? When hiring any contractor to do work, the question you really should be asking is, “Is my property protected?”

The three big things you should look for are: “Is the company insured?”, “Are they experienced?” and “Do they offer a guarantee?”

Having Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance is very important to protect you and your property in case there is an accident. Working from a ladder or roof to clean gutters is not without risks. A lot of companies that offer gutter cleaning, such as landscapers, handymen, and of course, the kid down the street, don’t have the proper insurance to work off of ladders at these heights.

Are they experienced in cleaning gutters? If they’re not used to working off of a ladder, around a home, they can easily dent your gutters or do other damage to your landscape.

Guarantee. You should always make sure that whoever you do business with offers a guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. They will either refund your money or send a crew back out to do the job correctly.

Your satisfaction is what keeps them in business.

To review, when you’re hiring a contractor, ensure they are properly insured, they’re experienced in the work that they’re doing, and they offer a guarantee to protect you.

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