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Cleaning Window | All-Clean!

Ever wondered about the ways in which your windows can be cleaned and which method is more efficient? There are two primary ways window cleaners clean nowadays:

Traditional window cleaning is what most people think of when they envision a professional window cleaner taking care of their home. Some of the tools they use are a window mop (also known as a strip washer), a sponge, or when they need to do a little extra or detail work, a white pad, which is not an ordinary abrasive pad; it is made for professional window cleaning. Don’t take just any old Scotch Brite pad or abrasive pad to your glass as it can damage and scratch it.

First, they’ll wet your window with a window mop to get it all nice and clean, take a sponge to it, and for any stubborn spots, bring that white pad out. Once that is done, they will use a squeegee to remove all the excess water. When that is done, a surgical towel is used to wipe the edges and get any place the squeegee cannot remove the water from. Traditional window cleaning is best on windows that are older or that need a more detailed cleaning. For many window cleaners who have been in the business for a long time, it is the preferred method of cleaning windows.

Pure water system uses a water-fed pole system. It is triple-filtered and de-ionized. Water is pumped in, filtered, and in the process, removing all contaminants and impurities from the water, hence, the term, pure water. It is then pumped up into an extension pole with a specialized brush head on it. Within this brush head are jets that provide pure water to the window. The brush is used to scrub, and the window is rinsed clean with that same pure water. The results are, many would say, a longer-lasting clean. There is no residue left on the glass from cleaning products as it is only washed with pure water. Because there are no impurities, your window will dry clean.

Now you know your window cleaning!  

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