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Perhaps you or someone you know has wondered why window cleanings are priced differently. Why is a post-construction window cleaning so much more expensive than a maintenance window cleaning? The price seems high.  Aren’t the windows brand new? Shouldn’t they be easy to clean?

The answer, unfortunately, is no. A lot of factors come into play when performing a post-construction window cleaning that isn’t present during a regular home maintenance window cleaning. Read on to understand the hows and whys:

Debris. Any construction project, whether it’s a new home construction, renovation, or just replacing your windows, produces a lot of debris. That debris finds its way everywhere, from sheetrock dust to sawdust, to dirt, everywhere. The first thing we need to address is minimizing debris before cleaning the window: we’ll wipe and vacuum up debris before getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Plastic and stickers. Most manufacturers put a protective layer of plastic on the windows to protect them during the construction process. They also attach stickers identifying the company that made the window and what model window it is. When these plastic and stickers are removed, they leave behind glue residue on the glass or are stuck to the window frame. These all need to be removed. These can be scrubbed off, but more often than not, the stickers that have been on for a long time. Plastic that has been subjected to hot and cold needs to be scraped off with a razor blade. This is something you want a professional to do, as razor blades on your windows, in the hands of someone who’s not experienced, can cause damage.

Paint. No matter how careful or good your painter is, paint always finds its way onto the window. This obviously has to be removed, and the tool of choice, again, is a razor blade. You’d like someone experienced to do that, to edge the window, remove the paint, and get the window ready for washing.

Cleaning the window. A traditional window cleaning is used in post-construction window cleaning because it needs to be very detailed. Once the glass is cleaned, the tracks, sills, and frames of the window are cleaned. Detail is of the essence. Debris has found its way everywhere. It’s a new window, It’s a new home. Everything must be spotless.

A post-construction window cleaning is very involved, and it usually takes twice as long as a regular maintenance window cleaning.  

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