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Hi, I’m Brandon with Clearly Amazing.

Today I want to answer the question – what are the most common techniques for gutter cleaning?

Wait – not all gutter cleanings are done the same? No! In fact, technique #2 might surprise you!

The first and most common technique is using air or water power. Using a blower, an air compressor, or pressure washer – a technician will blow or blast out all the debris down onto the ground. This method can be a good choice during dry months when the debris is easy to pick up off the ground afterward. However – when the gutters are full of water, mud & sludge during the wetter months: the mess left over can be huge!

The second technique can be using a high-powered vacuum to suck out debris from the gutters. This is usually done from the ground with long carbon fiber poles and an angled attachment, while a technician walks underneath the gutters and directs the vacuum down into the gutter. However – it is difficult to get 100% of the debris out with a vacuum, and clearing out the downspouts are not always possible with a vacuum. This technique is certainly the safest and quickest with a technician cleaning from the ground – however, it can not be used on all homes.

The third technique is hand-scooping out the debris and placing it directly into bags. This technique takes more time but minimizes the amount of additional clean-up that is needed with the other methods. Being right up on the gutter while cleaning allows a technician to clear out downspouts easily and thoroughly, and allows them to inspect for defects in the gutter system.

Every home is different, and depending on the seasons – all 3 techniques mentioned can be used properly with the right experience. Really the downspouts being clear is the most important part. Otherwise, the gutters can be clean, but they overflow anyways.

I hope this post has been informative – If you have any additional questions or would like a free estimate for a gutter cleaning, please feel free to reach out to us at Clearly Amazing!

Thank you again for reading – I hope you have a fantastic day!

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