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Exterior Christmas Decorating | All-Clean!

Well, after reading this blog, ask that question again. Or you may ask yourself “Why haven’t I done that before?!” We will review four of the biggest benefits you get from hiring a professional holiday lighting installation service. Even if you don’t hire holiday lights service this year, you’ll think about it for next year.  


For most of us, the holiday season is a busy time. Seem like once Halloween has arrived, the hand of time and the calendar fast forward, doesn’t it? The tradition of Black Friday arrives, and you’re out there fighting the crowds, navigating the traffic, searching for a parking spot, only to get home and realize you still need to decorate. What if you change this up a bit and hire professional residential Christmas decorators this year? 

Why not make what is typically the busiest time of the year less stressful for you? Not just for exterior lights installation either – many of these services that offer professional holiday lighting for the exterior of your home will set up your other holiday décor too. From that plastic Santa and sleigh to the wire-framed lighted reindeer, they will set it all up for you. 

Think about how much easier and enjoyable the holiday will be for you when you hire a professional holiday lights service. You won’t have to pull all the decorations out of the attic, basement, or closet. You won’t be pulling the ladder out and dragging extension cords, lights, Santa and his sleigh, dealing with bulb replacements, etc. 

Christmas Tree Service | All-Clean!


Look at your calendar for the next two weeks. Do you see a time frame that you won’t be at work, busy with the kids, family coming in town, holiday parties, and then consider the weather too? When you hang your own holiday lights and set up any decorations, you know you’re going to need half the day, maybe longer.

A professional Christmas lighting service will arrive, equipment and supplies in hand, a crew of 2 or more with safety equipment and get the job done faster than you can even get your lights untangled.

This year, instead of having to plan a whole weekend around holiday decorating, hire a company that lights installation is all they do, year-round. You may be the first one on the block this year instead of the last one! 

Christmas Decoration Service | All-Clean!


With a service that offers residential Christmas decorators, they will decorate your home accordingly. There is a difference between decorating for business and decorating for a home, and these are the folks that know it. With that in mind, they know that the budget for holiday lights service for a homeowner isn’t the same as for a business, and they will have different packages for you to choose from. 

They will use top-quality, professional-level equipment and products, but designed and scaled for a home. You’ll get all the benefits of having the latest and newest products that will be custom installed to fit your home, and most of all, your budget. Get as fancy as you want or stay as simple as you love. The choice is yours.


Every year, the number of people ending up in the emergency room goes up. From falling off the ladder, falling off the roof or getting electrocuted by frayed wires and overloaded circuits. Hiring a professional holiday lighting service will eliminate all those possibilities for you. They have safety equipment and experience on their side. They don’t just hang lights during the holidays – they do this year-round for other occasions too.

After the Holidays – What Then?

When the holidays are all done and the parties have stopped, a holiday lighting installation company will return to take it all down. Unless you have them use your decorations, they pack it away and take it away.  After you read this blog, think about the process you’re about to get your home in holiday mode. The benefits of hiring a Christmas lighting service is probably looking good about now.

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