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Roofs get dirty and periodically, there is a need to clean your roof, even tile roofs. It is a great idea to get a professional roof cleaning company to clean your tile roof properly.

Anybody doing any work outside and inside a house must:

  1. be fully licensed and insured;

  2. be trained to properly and safely walk on any kind of roof  including tile, metal, or shingle;

  3. take all precautionary measures and safety.

Some roofs only require a service team to work from the ground, but there’s going to be the occasion when roof cleaners do have to get on the roof. Those working on the roof must:

  1. let the owner know if they are home that they are doing work on the roof;

  2. give them a call if they are not home and ask them if they can proceed or not;

  3. fully inspect the roof before they start doing the work;

  4. make note of anything that they see that might be already damaged, like a crack in their tile, and let the homeowner know immediately

  5. take pictures

Professional roof cleaners take all precautions to try not to break anything, but mistakes happen and will happen occasionally. Most techs keep glue in their trucks and have also been trained to glue minor cracks. They are trained to seal any cracks. They glue the small, minor cracks and then they move on. If anything major would happen, the homeowner will be immediately informed and that is where the insurance would kick in.

Tiles being broken during the cleaning process is something that you should be concerned about but it doesn’t happen very often. And it shouldn’t happen very often if the techs are fully licensed, trained and taking precautions. Good thing is, if it is a reputable roof cleaning company, they will take responsibility and will fix your roof to your satisfaction.

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