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cedar roof cleaning

Cedar roofs have been a popular choice everywhere for generations, centuries even. Part of its appeal is its durability. How can you make your cedar roof last longest?

First step is the annual inspection. You want to make sure someone takes a look at your roof, at least annually, to find out if there are any missing shingles and if there is any insect activity. Be sure to look for moss, lichen, and debris that may be collecting on your roof.  All these things can shorten the life of your roof so you want to make sure that you can address them.

After that, have someone come out – a skilled roofer—and replace any shingles that may be missing. Any missing shingles can obviously lead to leaks and weaken the roof.

An overlooked step is having a roof cleaning. People are really starting to understand the need to clean the roof.  The first thing to look for are leaves, sticks, pine needles—any debris collecting on the roof, you want to get that off. All these items are going to collect moisture and encourage moss and lichen to grow. It can also harbor mold, bacteria and all those insects. Make sure that these are removed, whether you do it yourself or you hire a company to remove your debris.

Finally, most roofs that are cedar will start to see moss and lichen form within about ten years. As soon as you see that activity, you want to make sure it’s addressed. Moss and lichen, they will root themselves into the cedar and after a time, the root will actually lift the shingle, and that can make your roof, again, prone to shingle loss, prone to leaks. A reputable company will come out and wash the cedar in the process to remove all that debris. They will treat your roof, eliminate the moss and the lichen safely, not by blasting it away with a pressure washer damaging the shingles, but by killing it at the source.

To review, things to do to maintain your roof would be:

  • Annual inspection
  • Remove debris
  • Replace any missing or worn shingles
  • Have your roof regularly cleaned (about every five to six years)

Keep that cedar roof clean and make it last longer.

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