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Do gutter cleaning and weather go together? If it’s all bright and sunny, they do. But will the weather affect my gutter cleaning? The answer is, it might. A lot of the same weather concerns that the gutters are there to protect you from are concerns that will prevent us from cleaning your gutters that same day.

Freezing temperatures. If your gutters are clogged, ice dams can form in freezing temperatures, having water back up into your home. Frozen gutters will also prevent us from cleaning that day. It will not be able to get out all the debris from your gutters, or we may not be able to get out any debris that day because it’s a solid block of ice holding all those leaves, pine needles, dirt and debris in your gutter.

Heavy rain. most companies, including ours, will work in light rain. When heavy rain is present, it becomes a safety concern. When working from a ladder, you don’t want to slip and fall.

High winds. This is another safety concern when working from a ladder.

To review, weather that might impact your gutter cleaning includes freezing temperatures, heavy rain, and high winds.

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