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Gutters have to be cleaned and it is inevitable that strangers will be all over the property for the exterior cleaning including gutter, roof, and pressure washing driveways.

The Gutter Cleaning market is a unique market in the sense that a lot of its people are seasonal. So it is quite important to hire a fully licensed and insured professional. You also want to make sure that they have been around for a while so they know what they are doing.


Look into the company’s profile

With regards to anyone doing work at your home, you should look into the company’s profile.  Google the company. Use Google, Yelp and read the reviews online, including their Facebook or any social media. See what everybody else is saying about them. If they are reputable and they have got a good standing in the community, people are going to trust them and they are going to leave good reviews.

Ask for the name of the service tech

Another thing that can be done is to ask for the name of the tech coming into your house. Obviously, the job has already been assigned, so they should have a tech’s name. Some companies can even send you a  picture or whatever information you might need. A lot of communities in Southwest Florida actually are gated. So they need their ID to get into the gate anyway. You will know that they are reputable because they have a driver’s license to get past the gate. They can’t get in without it. Most companies, if they are good and they are worth anything, they will have references. Always ask for references if you’re in doubt.

Ask the service tech to call when he is coming

The tech will always call when he is on his way and will tell you his time of arrival. This is crucial. If you want to be around and when you are able to be around, but if you can’t, you know when they are going to be at your house, so you can have a neighbor to check in on them, thus, you need to have a timeframe of when the tech will be around.

Take before and after pictures

The tech always knocks—or they should knock on the door, introduce themselves if you happen to be around. If you’re not, because that is the concern, not to worry, take before and after pictures. That’s also crucial so you know the tech was at your house, the right house, doing the work you requested and you can see the before and after.

These are just some of the things that can assure you that everything’s going smoothly and all the work that you’ve requested is being done at your home no matter what it is. So, if you’re doing gutter cleaning, roof maintenance, roof cleanings, exterior pressure washing, a professional company like Clearly Amazing can get it all done and you don’t need to be there and you can rest assured that it’s getting done.


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