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Professional Gutter Cleaning

This is a great question and something that you should actually ask yourself or anybody coming to your house to do any services in our out.

Some of the questions you should consider:

Are you licensed and insured?

Always make sure the cleaners coming to your home are licensed and insured because you want to make sure that anybody doing anything on your property would have the insurance to do what they are doing.

What products do you use to clean gutters? How do you clean the gutters? Do you do it by hand or do you pressure wash? Do you do the inside or the outside?

Make sure the gutter cleaning company you hire has the proper equipment. Sometimes these questions are just raised to see how they answer. So, if you’re not comfortable with their answers, then that is not the person for you. You need to move on and find the person that you are confident can do the job for you.

Do you remove organic staining or growth and do you remove the tiger stripes as well?

The tiger stripes are like staining. Some people can’t get them off, some people can. If they use the proper chemicals they can get them off.

Do you have a gutter protection plan? What does it include and what is the frequency?

This is a great question because if they are a fly-by-night, they probably don’t want to come back every year. So you might want to stick with the company that has a protection plan so you don’t have to worry about problems in the future and you can just sit back at ease knowing that your gutters are going to be cleaned no matter what.

Do you clean the gutters from the ground, ladders, or do you get on the roof?

Again, this is a great question and something that they should be able to answer based on the type of home that need the gutters cleaned out. It will vary.

Do you remove the debris or leaves or do you leave it at the house?

If you do have a lot of growth or debris, do the company take it with them.  Do they put it in your trash? Where do they put it? Do they just leave it sitting on the side of the road?

Do you perform an inspection to ensure that water is going properly and is free of clog?

This is very important. If they come in and clean your gutters, they will check. How do they check if the water is working properly? You probably should walk around with them as well if you happen to be home but you don’t need to be.

Do you provide free quotes, price quotes and any possible factors that may raise the price such as if you have gutter guards, underground downspouts, clogs or repairs?

These are questions you should ask so you are not blindsided in the end with a bill that you weren’t expecting.

So these are all excellent questions and of course there’s probably more questions that you want to ask depending on your needs. If you have more questions, contact a dependable cleaning company like Clearly Amazing and you would not need to worry.

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