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You’ve recently noticed that your gutters don’t seem to be draining properly and decide that maybe it is time to schedule a gutter cleaning service.  But is that all you need? What about the roof? The roof may look okay from the ground, but there is algae, lichen, and moss forming on it, even now as you’re reading this article. And do you know where all that will go when it rains?

Yup, what doesn’t stick and eat away at the shingles, is filling up your gutters, along with leaves, limbs, and other debris. Shingles naturally shed away some of the material they are made from. But shingle granules also have loosened because of the algae, lichen, and moss.

Therefore, gutter and roof cleaning experts recommend having them cleaned at the same time. By scheduling a combination gutter and roof cleaning job, you’ll be doing yourself a favor in two ways:

1). Save Money and Time

By scheduling both a gutter cleaning and a roof cleaning job at the same time, you’ll only pay for one service trip in addition to the two jobs. When you schedule them separately, you’ll pay for the service trip both times in addition to the jobs themselves. Often roof cleaning and gutter cleaning providers offer multiple services discounts so be sure to ask your contractor.

2). Keep Your Gutters Clean and Clear

When you soft wash your roof you want all the water and cleaning solution to flow smoothly down your gutters, that’s why it’s a good idea to get your gutters cleaned during the same service day your roof cleaning is scheduled for.

When the gutter system is clogged up, it isn’t doing its job of keeping water away from the roof and foundation. And as we’ve covered here before, when water isn’t flowing through the gutters, it is backing up under the shingles and soaking up in the decking underneath and will eventually create leaks in the attic. And when the water isn’t flowing out and away through the downspouts, it is standing at the foundation, causing it to weaken. As well, it is washing away your landscaping.

Extend the life of your roof and protect your home and the foundation it sits on. Getting your gutters and roof cleaned at the same isn’t just to increase our sales. It is for your home’s protection, and what could be better than to protect the most valuable investment you have?

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