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DIY is Not Always the Best IDEA

Before you hoist that ladder to tackle gutter cleaning on your own, you might want to first consider a few things. While the task may appear easy, it’s actually quite messy, time-consuming, and, most importantly, dangerous! There are 2,000 ladder-related injuries every day – and more than 300 ladder-related deaths and over 130,000 emergency room visits related to ladders each year* … not to mention the serious safety risks that walking your roof presents. And is this honestly how you want to spend your all-too-rare free time?

* ANSI Blog: The Numbers Don’t Lie: Make Ladder Safety a Priority

It’s a Drudging, Dirty, Dangerous job

Our guess is you don’t particularly like scaling a ladder two or three stories high and making your way around your entire home’s perimeter climb after climb. You’re probably not fond of being wrist-deep in the slimy, smelly accumulation of leaves, dirt, and debris in your gutters – and gingerly walking your precariously sloped roof isn’t your idea of a fun outing. And you most likely don’t relish giving up precious weekend time that could otherwise be spent enjoying your family and friends.

Leave it to The Professionals

While certain home maintenance tasks can certainly be tackled on your own and don’t require a skilled and experienced professional, gutter cleaning is not one of them. The risks and dangers are too great, and there is more to it than you may know.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Gutter Cleaning Service

  1. Safety: With such staggering ladder injury statistics, it’s not worth risking your well-being or that of your family. Proper training and certification are critical, and necessary safety precautions and measures must be followed. Professionals possess not only the required knowledge and experience but also the essential gear, equipment, and tools for performing the work safely and meticulously.
  2. Scope of service: The right professionals will go above and beyond simply cleaning out your gutters. They will also inspect your entire gutter system for holes, detachments, or any structural compromises that could impact its proper functioning. They can often address minor issues at that time, and alert you to any other necessary repairs for you to have taken care of. In addition to removing all debris and bagging it for disposal, they will snake the system if needed, and water flush to ensure a free-flowing system with no hidden obstructions.
  3. Time savings: You lead a busy, full life with many responsibilities and commitments, so you don’t need to spend your precious time off tackling such tasks when there are professionals uniquely qualified to handle them for you. You don’t even need to be home while the service is being performed. Hiring a professional truly frees you to focus on what matters most to you, whether that’s being with family and friends, pursuing a hobby you’re passionate about, or simply letting your downtime be just that.
  4. Assurance: With your gutters being out of plain view, maintaining them can often be overlooked. This out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality can result in your gutter system not getting the regular cleaning and attention it needs in order to function properly and protect your home, foundation, and property. Professional gutter cleaning service providers often offer Gutter Protection Plans, which allow for regular cleanings on a prescheduled basis so that you don’t have to think about it and can rest easy.
  5. Convenient single source: Professional gutter cleaning service providers often have additional service offerings, such as soft washing, pressure washing, and window cleaning. This makes maintaining, protecting, and preserving your home’s exterior convenient and easy through one source. You can even plan to have multiple services performed on the same visit rather than having to schedule multiple service providers over the course of several days – and take advantage of related discounts for doing so.

If you’re looking to have your gutters professionally cleaned, our highly experienced, fully insured, and ladder-safety certified crews stand ready to serve! At Clearly Amazing, we’re your convenient single source for a full menu of exterior cleaning, sanitizing, and lighting installation services.

Contact us today to schedule your cleaning or to request a free estimate – and be sure to ask about our Gutter Protection Plans, which put your gutter cleaning on automatic, give you greater peace of mind, and deliver special savings!

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