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Why are your neighbours having a Cape Cod pressure washing service done? Well, have you noticed that your Cape Cod home isn’t looking as attractive and welcoming these days? The roof, siding, and walkways have a layer of dirt on them, making them look dingy. Even the deck and driveway are covered with dirt and dust.

 So, you get the water hose stretched out and spray all of it down, and some of that dirt washes off, but it still isn’t looking as good as it used to. Businesses and homes alike on Cape Cod, pressure washing is the only way to get rid of that algae, bacteria, lichen, mildew, and moss that gets attached and spreads. Most of that stuff growing on the side of your house, on your deck, driveway, and walkway have a root system. Once it finds a place to land and feed, it begins to spread, and not just on your house and property. They become airborne and spread throughout the neighborhood.

 The rain is a natural bath for your home and the surrounding area, but even that isn’t enough to clean all the nook and crannies. The best way to get your home clean again is by a professional pressure washing service on Cape Cod. They will have the equipment and experience to get all the different areas around your home or commercial building where these growths like to attach and grow, such as the areas that have the least sunlight or where the most rain hits.

 Yes, the rainfall can appear to wash away some of the algae, bacteria, lichen, and more. It also leaves some behind. And if that rain is hitting the areas that get very little exposure to sunlight, that algae, bacteria, fungus, and other substances will thrive. Not only does that algae, bacteria, lichen, mildew, and moss growing on the sides of your Cape Cod home look bad, but the damage it is doing is even worse! 

 Many insurance companies are issuing their customers a warning about the damage that is happening to a home covered in algae and moss. When left untreated, the roofing and siding both become brittle, and the algae, lichen, moss and other bacteria begin to eat through the surfaces. Nothing short of a Cape Cod pressure washing service will get all of that stuff washed off, even at the highest points of the most hidden crevice of your home or business, including the roof overhang and soffit areas.

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 Are You Ready For Your Cape Cod Home to Look Beautiful Again?

 There are several professional services for pressure washing Cape Cod homes and businesses. Not only will a thorough cleaning like this make your home look clean, but it can increase the value of your property too – a bonus if you’re trying to sell your house A home or business in Cape Cod, pressure washing will restore the beauty and extend the life of the roof, siding, deck, as well as the surface of the driveway and walkways. And you’ll be doing the neighbourhood a favour by removing the airborne spread of algae, bacteria, lichen, and mold.


Pressure Washing Cape Cod Homes Has Many Benefits

With a professional Cape Cod pressure washing service, your home will benefit on many different levels:

  • Pressure washing Cape Cod businesses and homes will remove not only dirt and grime but bird droppings and other unsightly stains from small critters and airborne particles. The curb appeal of your home or business is instantly improved and coming home to a clean home just feels good!
  • When done correctly, Cape Cod pressure washing is a valuable home maintenance step that will keep your home or business in shape and prevent bigger problems in the future.
  • When algae, mold, mildew, and other substances are left to sit, they will damage the roof, siding, and more. With a pressure washing service, Cape Cod businesses and homes will see a longer lifespan of their exterior, which protects the interior as well.

Cape Cod Pressure Washing Has Dangers Too

Even though pressure washing Cape Cod homes and business has many benefits as we have discussed here, there are some danger possibilities to be aware of as well:

  • A pressure washing setting can harm Cape Cod siding and shingles. While the exterior of any home or business is made to withstand the weather, a direct hit with a powerful stream can crack the roofing or siding, crack the driveway or walkways, and bust the boards of a deck.
  • When pressure washing is done incorrectly, it can blast the mortar out from between bricks, weakening the walls.
  • Pressure washing homes or businesses done by an inexperienced person can break windows, destroy screens, and at the very least, cause the window sealing to leak.

Before you schedule a Cape Cod pressure washing service, ask for insurance proof, certification and licensing as well as recent references. Take the time to check with those references too. An educated homeowner is the best protection.

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