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CHAT is the acronym for the four components of power washing Cape Cod homes. They are needed to get the climate and environmental dirt, dust, grime, and more off of any Cape Cod structure, and should be done no less than twice a year, with quarterly power washing recommended. This acronym stands for: 

  •         Chemical
  •         Heat
  •         Agitation
  •         Time 

An experienced, responsible company that offers this service will know that no less than two of these components should be used for a proper and thorough Cape Cod pressure washing job.  For example, if there isn’t any hot water available for a power washing, then the chemicals used along with agitation and time are a must. Hot water is preferred because it increases how the chemicals act, thus taking fewer chemicals, which is better for the environment, and less time.

When the chemicals you use aren’t as effective as other chemicals, then agitation is needed so that the contaminants will release. Agitation for a power washing Cape Cod homes by using a brush and an extension pole as high pressured water is applied. Many Cape Cod pressure washing companies rely more on the agitation process while others rely on a low-pressure, referred to as “soft washing” technique. This process often requires more chemical use and can take more time.

The general industry opinion is that by decreasing or eliminating one or more of the CHAT components, you must compensate by increasing the others. Keep in mind that the Cape Cod pressure washing services that use the “soft washing” technique may be compensating with more harmful chemicals, which are getting washed onto your landscaping and lawn.

Many in this profession of power washing Cape Cod homes believe that a soft wash enhances a home’s appearance, but only for a short time. They don’t feel that this process is removing the carbon pollutants like acid rain, dirt, exhaust carbons, grease, or grime as thoroughly as it can be done.

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How Do You Know A Good Cape Cod Pressure Washing Company?

The age-old expression of “You get what you pay for” couldn’t be any truer for this industry. Too often that low ball quote or discount coupon in the mail will get you a power washing for your Cape Cod home that does more harm than good, or maybe doesn’t do a darn thing at all!

Unfortunately, several industries like this one are full of what is called fly-by-night services. They tell you they have “the” secret technique that will get your home, deck, driveway, and walkways cleaner than they have ever been in just a matter of a few minutes. There is a good chance a Cape Cod pressure washing service like this won’t have the proper equipment and who knows what kind of chemicals and products they are using! The possible damage they could cause your roof, siding, windows, and not to mention your landscaping, is going to cost you more to repair or replace than if you had gone with a reputable company. A few dollars saved today could cost you later. A lot more!

To make every effort of avoiding a fly-by-night power washing Cape Cod service, ask the following questions:

  1.   Are they certified and licensed? Ask to see proof.
  2.   What is their experience in the industry?
  3.   What type of equipment and process do they use?
  4.   Do the products they use to have a mold inhibitor?
  5.   Do they require payment upfront and what method of payment do they accept?
  6.   Are they insured?
  7.   What are the terms of their guarantee?

Keep in mind, a low bid usually leads to headaches and having your Cape Cod pressure washing job done again – by a reputable company. Think of it as an ongoing investment in your home, not just another expense.

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