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Commercial Lighting Considerations

Bright, beautiful lights are always a big attraction, wherever they may be installed. If you are a property manager, a mall owner, or a member of a church and you are looking to install lights, there are three things you need to consider when hiring someone for a commercial lights installation.

  1.  Experience. Commercial light installers should have done at least two or three large commercial projects in the past and they should have references you can call. If they don’t, then you need to reconsider hiring them.
  2. Insurance. Particularly in the commercial space, if you’re going to have a team out hanging off ladders or off lifts, they need to have a general liability insurance and workers’ compensation in place. And if the vendor is unwilling to provide these pieces of information, then you should go in another direction.
  3. Guarantee. This is important when talking about design and aesthetics for a lighting display. Will the vendor give you a guarantee that you are going to be happy with the final product? Are they willing to come back and make changes? And this should all be part of your contract when you make an agreement with the vendor.

So then in short, if there are three things that will help provide a winter wonderland for you this winter it would be: make sure that you choose an experienced vendor, ensure that the insurance capabilities are in place and find a guarantee around the quality of the work. If you do those three things I think it will be a successful installation.

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