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House Gutter Cleaning | All-Clean!

Gutter cleaning is one of the most overlooked things by homeowners everywhere, and this includes the downspouts as well as the trough. They are more than just a finishing touch to the roofline, and when basic cleaning isn’t done, they become clogged up, the water can’t drain, and a host of problems can start.

And while this is a fun thing to do, and it can be difficult for some people, there are several gutter cleaning services that can do the job for you. Most are reasonably priced, but the value is the ROI received by preserving your home. So, whether you clean your gutter system yourself, or have it done, knowing that it is extending the life of your home, especially the foundation and the roof.

 Six Reasons You Need To Clean Your Gutter System

The gutter system on your home isn’t just a finishing touch to the roof. It provides a valuable service to your home by controlling water that runs off the roof. It channels that water to the downspout and from there it is directed away from your home’s exterior and foundation. When a house gutter cleaning process isn’t performed, they become clogged and the water can’t run to the downspout, two things can happen:

 1). The water flows over the gutters and onto your flowers and landscaping

2). The water begins backing up under the shingles and into the wood decking

How This Damages The Roof

A typical roof is designed so that water flows down it and if a gutter system is in place and working order, the will keep flowing through the channel toward the downspouts. If there hasn’t been the proper gutter cleaning service performed, the channel becomes clogged. The water will either spill over the gutter channel edge or back up under the shingles.

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This will cause the roof shingles to freeze in the winter and then crack. Those cracks will loosen the shingles, the water gets through them and soaks into the decking, then into the attic. That leak will begin to spread and could leak through to the ceiling, even down inside the walls. When you begin adding up the cost of repairs that could be needed, the cost of a professional gutter cleaning service is minuscule by comparison. 

 How This Damages The Basement

Another danger that clogged gutter systems can a flooded basement, and as any homeowner that has had to clean up and repair a flooded basement, they can attest to the cost and hassle that ensued. When you forgo having house gutter cleaning performed, and the gutter channels become clogged, causing the water to overflow, it will puddle up at the bottom of the house.

 When this happens enough times, the foundation will weaken and allow the water to drip or seep into the basement. Because this happens in a slow, unnoticeable manner, mildew and mold begin to grow, destroying carpeting, furniture, and walls. Even if your basement isn’t used daily, it is a supporting part of your home and without gutter cleaning performed, you’re leaving your home at risk of being damaged.

 How This Damages The Foundation

As we just explained how the basement is damaged when there is a lack of gutter cleaning service performed, the water that runs out of the gutter channels can destroy the foundation of a home. When the foundation becomes too weak, the home becomes unsafe for habitation. If professional house gutter cleaning isn’t done, or you don’t know the best way to clean your gutters yourself, be prepared for the expense of a foundation repair job, even the possibility of having to move.

 Other Issues You Can Expect When Gutter Cleaning Is Ignored

In addition to the things we have mentioned above, standing water around the home will attract insects and rodents. From mosquitos to rats and termites, your home will become a haven for these creatures. If you don’t know the best way to clean your gutters, call for quotes from professional gutter cleaning companies. Not only will your home be safer and stabilized for longevity, but it will make your home look clean and fresh.

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